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Built for Custom WordPress Developers

Underscores on the Back-End

Start with simple, powerful theme code based on Underscores, the best-practices starter theme from Automattic, the creators of WordPress.

Bootstrap on the Front-End

Add beautiful, flexible styles, components, grids and responsive design with Bootstrap, the industry standard for mobile-first development.

The Understrap Promise

Understrap is an open-source project maintained and powered by Howard Development & Consulting, a web development firm with more than 20 years experience innovating online.

We’re building a community on open-source principles that’s supported by continuous improvements from our paid development team, which means you get the best of both worlds – the flexibility and freedom of open source, plus the stability and security of knowing there’s a serious company behind the project.

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Enroll in Instant Understrap from MasterWP, the only official guide to fast, handcrafted WordPress development with Understrap.

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Our developers speak for themselves…

David Robinson

David Robinson

“We use Understrap for most of our WordPress projects. We find it is a great starting point for just about any design. It takes a lot of the initial setup of a theme out of the equation allowing us to start building sooner. It is easy to customise to the needs of our clients as well as build our own custom sections that work well with the theme as it includes Bootstrap 4.”

Zak Dietzen

“Understrap has changed the web game for me! I use understrap for nearly EVERY site I build. It has become a key part of my theme building process.

It is the perfect theme to build beautiful responsive sites. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Stop reading my review and get strapped!”

Clayton Johnson

“We’ve been using Understrap for years. It easily saves us 10 hours of work on custom web builds.

The best part is fast-loading pages with zero bloat which is perfect for SEO.”

Tasia Duske

“Our developer uses Understrap when we want to quickly test a new product idea or event type.

Since switching to Understrap, we save both time and money with these launches.”

Luiz Lopes

Luiz Lopes

“All my agency websites are based on Understrap.

When you have to run a team, frameworks are indispensable. Understrap, a theme with Bootstrap and Font Awesome, and very well structured, was love at first-sight.

Thank you for creating and sharing this awesome theme.”

Pantanal Digital

Alexander Burton

“Understrap has been the perfect theme for me as a developer, and an absolute pleasure to use for the past 4 years.

It is clean, fast, lightweight, and super easy to customize using Understrap’s child theme.

Thank you Understrap!”

Understrap Contributors


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