Announcing Understrap 0.9.5

We are thrilled to announce that Understrap, the free WordPress theme framework that combines Bootstrap + Underscores, has officially been updated in the WordPress theme directory. Any websites running Understrap should see the update available in their site’s dashboard.

As you know, last month my team and I acquired Understrap and will be hard at work reinvigorating the community and rolling out lots of improvements.

The theme had been sitting at version 0.9.4 for the last few years, even though the open-source community had been actively updating it on GitHub. Unfortunately, none of these updates were being shared with the broader user base who install Understrap via the Theme Directory. This week, we’ve combined three hundred individual code commits from eleven contributors over the past two years.

Some highlights include bug fixes for WooCommerce, Jetpack, and galleries, along with a number of features specifically for developers. Up next: We’re going to keep moving full steam ahead on Understrap, including a focus on integrating Bootstrap 5, better support for the new WordPress editor, and a few features yet to be announced.

As always, if you’ve modified the parent theme at all, we recommend moving those changes into a child theme before updating.​

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or post on GitHub, where the team will track issues and the project’s future roadmap.