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How Big Is UnderStrap?

who uses UnderStrap and why?

Alex from UnderStrap Alex from UnderStrap October 23, 2019 2 Comments

UnderStrap is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks in the world and is trusted by some big name brands.

Since 2016 the framework has went from strength to strength, moving from Bootrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 with the 5th version in the near horizon.

In that time the following organisations have built some amazing projects using UnderStrap as its base:

  • Intel (have built some projects on top of UnderStrap)
  • NGINX (main website was built on UnderStrap)
  • Domain.me
  • InfoServe.com
  • Zolt.io

You can see the proof and a list of more UnderStrap based websites here.

UnderStrap’s dominance around the world:

Worldwide Spread of UnderStrap


ahrefs.com classes the UnderStrap.com website as ranking 20,111 (as of late 2019) in the world based on traffic and links.

A lot of peole recommend the framework and so link to the site as a signal of that.

WordPress.org Downloads

The number of downloads through WordPress.org is staggering, peaking at around 750~ per day at some points in the last few years.

The framework is a great starting point for WordPress websites due to its lightweight nature, making it fast and loved by search engines.

See UnderStrap on WordPress.org


UnderStrap is very popular on Github with over 2,300 likes by developers and 74 people contributing to its development over the years.

See UnderStrap on GitHub


The internet data company BuiltWith have found over 10,000 websites running on UnderStrap.

This number is only a small fraction of websites running UnderStrap, probably due to the way they detect the framework being unreliable.

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