Is your site ready for the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Today we’re excited to share our new, free guide to Optimizing your Website for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It’s an absolutely free, 19-page PDF guide – about a 20-minute read.

As you may have heard, recent court decisions have made the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a big deal for all businesses with websites. In short, most businesses now need to make sure their websites are accessible – in the same sense that you’d need to make sure your office or physical store has appropriate ramps, elevators and other accommodations to ensure everyone can access your services.

While the ADA aligns closely with modern web development best practices, we’ve found that the vast majority of sites have at least some issues with compliance – in fact, 97 percent of the top million sites on the Internet have obvious compliance issues on their home pages, according to WebAIM.

Those businesses are leaving themselves open to major liability – as we show in the guide, many large businesses have been successfully sued for non-compliance, and we’ve personally talked to business owners who’ve settled out of court for tens of thousands of dollars to avoid public lawsuits.

Our free guide gives you everything you need to understand ADA requirements and bring your site up to modern standards.

And if you need a hand and want to work with our team directly, just get in touch and we’ll share the details of our ADA auditing and remediation services.