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Making More Money From Your Clients & Visitors

ways to make more money from your web design clients and website visitors

Alex from UnderStrap Alex from UnderStrap January 28, 2020 No Comments

I know from surveying 4,000+ UnderStrap.com download’ers that around half of you guys build websites for yourself (as businesses, schools or just for fun) and the other half build websites for clients. So for those that earn a living from website development this post will be very useful.

I want to talk about our OverStrap affiliate program as well as an awesome new feature that has been added to our parent company WP Extend’s agency program based on your survey feedback.

WP Extend Agency Co-Branding

Co Branding ExampleAs we surveyed more and more people who downloaded UnderStrap we refined the questions to pitch ideas based on the previous questions answers.

It seems a lot of you guys want to be able to sell hosting and SEO to your clients (or at least profit from this). You can of course do white-label already but the options are a bit limited and clunky for small businesses.

A lot of you guys seemed to want to not have to send customers through an affiliate link and wanted something more “branded”. A few different companies do offer solutions but the initial outlay and monthly cost can be a killer to small businesses, we found from our research.

So we took this information and added to our parent hosting company WP Extend‘s agency program a semi-white-label solution – that we call Agency Co-Branding.

What is our agency co-branding solution?

Co Branded CheckoutWe think this is an amazing idea and brings together the best parts of an affiliate program and setting up a white-label hosting company. The WP Extend agency members that we have shown so far love it.

As an agency (for example a website development company or maybe a hosting review site) you sign up for an agency account the usual way, then speak to us (we will reach out to you) about what you want on your co-branded landing page. Using that co-branded landing page you refer your customers or website visitors to a pretty URL (eg. https://wpextend.com/land/the-guerrilla-agency/) instead of a dodgy looking affiliate one – a cookie is dropped discreetly – then your potential client clicks a solution which takes them to a co-branded checkout (even if they leave and come back).

Once your referred visitor makes a sale we credit you 20% of the money they spend for the first year. We provide the hosting support (+ WordPress support if chosen by the customer) and you leave it to us to take care of the customer, while you remain the entity that they go to for development work.

Its a great way of getting white-label without the large initial outlay, costs and time spent on hosting support.

It can also help massively with your conversion rate – being associated with a strong partner brand like WP Extend enforces trust.



OverStrap Affiliate

OverStrap: Event - Screen MockupsOur OverStrap starter child themes are selling well, they seem to fill a gap between “starter WP framework” and “premium WP theme” that allows developers to save hours of time.

Now that we have sorted out the kinks and optimized the sales process we have added an affiliate program that is free to join and is managed by our third party processor GumRoad.

To sign up visit the OverStrap affiliate hub page on instructions on the easy 3 part process.

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