Understrap 1.2 Release Notes

Understrap is proud to present the 1.2.0 release to the parent theme. This is the result of 10 months of open-source community development, including more than 400 commits, and wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of many long-time supporters of Understrap.

What’s New?

Bootstrap versions are updated for both Bootstrap 4 and 5. There’s also a lot more work to include Bootstrap utilities into the block editor.

  • Updates Bootstrap 5.1.3 to Bootstrap 5.2.0
  • Updates Bootstrap 4.6.1 to Bootstrap 4.6.2
  • Imports more Bootstrap utility classes into the block editor

WooCommerce templates are updated to the latest versions, including a lot of built-in Bootstrap styling.

  •   Updates WooCommerce Templates

New page template for ‘landing pages’ that offers full-width content and hides the post title.

  •   Adds a new ‘Full Width Landing Page’ page template

Developer enhancements, including new testing and the basic foundation for you to remove jQuery as a dependency (Bootstrap 5 only).

  • HTML comments have been cleaned up and/or moved into PHP when appropriate
  • Enhancements to multiple theme template tags
  • Developers: PHP linting and testing has been overhauled
  • Developers: Removes the need for jQuery for sites running Bootstrap 5 (doesn’t remove jQuery itself, though)

Bug Fixes and More

Understrap includes some additional security and sanitization, but that introduced conflicts with multilingual plugins WPML and Polylang. This release fixes those issues.

  • Fixes issues with flags not showing up in the navigation for WPML and Polylang users

The transition into block-based widgets and other template parts introduced style issues. Those have been addressed and additional support for the block editor is being built in.

  • Fixes styles for the select tag in the Categories and Archives widgets and block widgets
  • Fixes styles for the search block widget
  • Fixes styles for pagination
  • Fixes block editor buttons on hover
  • Fixes skip to content link for Bootstrap 5
  • Fixes the offfcanvas close icon that was hidden behind the admin bar

The Customizer preview has been cleaned up.

  • Fixes issues with the Customizer preview

Other developer fixes, including additional focus on the accessibility-ready tag.

  • Fixes the category transient flush
  • Accessibility: aria role fixes for the carousel and footer widgets area

Update: On November 17th version 1.2.1 was released which includes a bug fix for 1.2.0.

Download this release from Github. View this release on the WordPress Theme Directory.