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What Is UnderStrap? FAQ

why would you want to base your WordPress theme on the UnderStrap framework?

Alex from UnderStrap Alex from UnderStrap September 24, 2019 No Comments

UnderStrap is a WordPress starter theme built using Underscores (created by the people behind WordPress) and Bootstrap 4 (by Twitter).

It essentially reduces the time needed to get a project off the ground for developers who like to build on top of amazing frameworks. You could go and collect these open source publicly available frameworks and merge them yourself, but downloading UnderStrap saves you countless hours of development.

What is included

  • SASS – allowing easy customisation of style-sheets for developers
  • NPM – comes with NPM support to manage dependencies
  • Gulp – useful for compiling SASS into CSS
  • jQuery – the JavaScript library that the world has come to love
  • Bootstrap 4 – templating the modern way

Who built it

A team led by Holger built the Bootstrap 3 and then the Bootstrap 4 version. You can find the names of the people involved on the home page of this site.

How to get started

We recommend starting with a child theme and editing that way, we wrote a guide on how to do that.

Getting help

If you need help with getting started with UnderStrap then there is a Discord channel set up with developers watching and offering to help.

You can join the channel using this URL: https://discord.gg/xARbF3f

Can I use UnderStrap for….

UnderStrap is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2

This means you can take UnderStrap, edit it and use it how ever you want to. Giving us a shout out in the credits of your project would be greatly appreciated.

How big is UnderStrap?

Wondering how many people worldwide use it? Well we did some research here you can look at.

What is OverStrap?

OverStrap is our range of premium starter child themes. They bridge the gap between starting a WordPress theme from scratch and the bulky premium themes you can find for sale all around the internet. They are a great way to get a fast loading but good looking website off the ground quickly.

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