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WordPress + Bootstrap Themes

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Why Would You Need A WordPress + Bootstrap Theme?

WordPress is an amazing CMS that according to recent figures is powering more than 25 million of the websites on the world wide web. Year on year more websites are switching over to the WordPress platform due to its ease of use as well as the mass of themes and plugins readily available to download. In terms of getting a project off the ground quickly and growing it to the point that a custom system can be worth building, WordPress fits the bill perfectly.

Bootstrap (currently in its 4th version) is a template system by Twitter that not only looks good but also helps developers layout a HTML page quickly. The built in modular elements that Bootstrap comes with can reduce 90% of the repeated work needed when trying to get a web site’s front end up and running.

Bootstrap + WordPress Combined

Combining Bootstrap and WordPress is at the heart of the UnderStrap project. The starter theme we have developed with help from the GitHub community gives you a blended WordPress/Bootstrap environment to work from.

The only issue is that if you need to get an idea off the ground very quickly. If you don’t mind so much about surrendering a completely unique look and feel to your website then it may be quicker to buy a ready to go premium theme. A ready to go solution will have plenty of elements and blocks in place for you to customise and get 95% of the way to your ideal outcome in a lot less time.

This page features some of the best premium and free Bootstrap + WordPress themes that we have found around the web. Using these ready to go solutions can shave off hours of development time and allow you to tap into the design skills of others.

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