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check off your progress with BUILDER Logo step, by, step

Creating a website can be a daunting task with many unknown tasks awaiting you. To make this easier with BUILDER we have created a checklist that you can follow and tick off bit-by-bit as you progress.

Humans love checklists and knowing that you are progressing in the right direction can help motivate you further to completing your goal.

Tick each step off as you move along, when you return your progress will be remembered in this browser.

Tasks Done (/)

1. Initial Setup

  • Download UnderStrap BUILDER (Download here)
  • Join the BUILDER newsletter to hear about updates and news. (Join here)
  • Check out the documentation page (Read here)
  • Install BUILDER to your WordPress site
  • Install and activate the recommended plugins
  • Join the BUILDER Facebook Group (Join here)
  • Find the BUILDER options page and check latest version
  • Open the Customizer screen from BUILDER options page

2. Branding

  • Open the Site Identity Customizer section
  • Add your site title & description
  • Add an optional small site icon
  • Open the Bootstrap Colors Customizer section
  • Switch from Default to Custom colors
  • Set your brand colors to approriate Bootstrap classes
  • Set the link color to match your brand
  • Set the rollover link color to match your brand
  • Jazz up your links and rollover effects

3. Navigation

  • Open the Menus Customizer section
  • Create menus and assign them to at least the primary menu
  • Open the Navbar Customizer section
  • Play with navbar settings to find ideal mix
  • Add a submenu if you have a lot of menu options
  • Add a CTA to promote a URL or text
  • Style the footer and menu if you added one to footer
  • Add footer text such as copyright info and site name
  • Enable widgets to show in footer if needed
  • Open the Widgets Customizer section
  • Add widgets to this screen to show in footer

4. Home Page

  • Open the Homepage Settings Customizer section
  • Set the home page to be a page rather than blog posts
  • Set that page to have a full screen page template
  • Set a page to be the blog home, ideally "Blog" or "News"
  • Open the Hero Customizer section BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Choose a hero type and style to your site BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Add hero content using the WYSIWYG editor/s BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Open the WordPress page editor for the page you set as home
  • Using the Gutenberg editor, add a Boostrap Blocks container
  • Inside that new container add a Bootstrap Blocks row
  • Edit the columns in that row using the right hand side menu
  • Add a "bg-primary" class to one of the new Bootstrap columns
  • Insert some paragraph content into that column using Gutenberg
  • Preview the home page to check out what you have done so far

5. Layout

  • Open the Layout Customizer section
  • Choose the default container type and width
  • Override the container type for different sections of your site
  • Open the Sidebars Customizer section
  • Choose the tpyes of sidebars to show and width
  • Alter the margin between widgets in sidebars
  • Open the Spacings Customizer section
  • Go through all of the spacings sections and adjust to taste

6. Content

  • Add a few blog posts, preferably with featured images & categories/tags
  • Add the important pages to your site (Privacy, About & Contact)
  • Open the Single Post Customizer section BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Style the single posts to match your brand and site BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Open the Archives Customizer section BUILDER PRO Logo
  • Style the archives (eg. categories) to match your brand and site BUILDER PRO Logo