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BUILDER Features

What has BUILDER Logo got in it?


free child theme for UnderStrap



BUILDER is a child theme for the open source WordPress+Bootstrap framework used by thousands of companies such as Intel and NGINX.

Instead of having to code everything you need on UnderStrap you can drag, drop and slide it into place.

Bootstrap 4

Built on the hugely popular mobile responsive front-end library Bootstrap by Twitter.

With hundreds of built in classes, you can easily find non-code answers to your design issues around the web.


Constant updates are pushed out that BUILDER automatically checks for every 12 hours (manual checks also possible).

You decide if you want to update your site manually, the same way you would update any other theme from WordPress.org - in a few easy clicks.



Bootstrap (the base of BUILDER) is built to be the ultimate responsive front-end framework to work across all devices.

Everything in BUILDER was designed to work with breakpoints and appear great to every visitor.


Unlike bulky premium themes BUILDER attempts to give you the tools to build a great website while maintain a small download size.

Dynamic CSS and JS is used where possible.

Mobile Options PRO

Set your own mobile breakpoint to force your visitors to stay in desktop mode or enter mobile earlier.

Choose an animated burger menu button effect when visitors open the mobile menu.



Set a default container type (full width or standard) and then override on a post/page/archive/breadcrumbs/navbar level if you wish.

Drag a slider to set the custom container width for even more control.


Choose to show 1, 2 or no sidebars on your site. Override it for different sections to achieve your goal site.

Staying true to its Bootstrap roots, easily slide and change the column widths of your sidebars.

Page Templates

Using built in BUILDER page templates you can set sidebars and page width on a "per-page" basis.

Great for landing page type sites and achieving custom layouts requested by your clients.

Archives PRO

UnderStrap is lacking in the way it displays posts in archives, categories and the blog style index page.

BUILDER gives you a great control over how they appear from the Customizer.

Post Layout PRO

Posts are a huge part of a lot of blogs and BUILDER doesn't disappoint in the added options it gives you.

Alter the layout and design of single posts on your websites blog.

Text & Buttons

Google Fonts

A feature that the world has come to rely on, the huge Google Fonts library is available in BUILDER in a searchable drop down.

Set the default fonts and weight and then override for headings if needed.

Bootstrap Buttons

Alter the appearance of Bootstrap buttons across your site from a graphical user interface.

Choose a shadow and rollover effect to really bring those interactive elements to life.


Set the default link color and rollover color and effect using pickers and image buttons, it can't be easier than this.

Page Elements


A common issue with mixing WordPress+Bootstrap is the navbars, getting a custom navbar layout can prove tricky.

BUILDER comes with a varied selection straight out of the box with lots of customisable options.

Add multiple menus, a search box and a CTA to your navbar without touching code.


The footer is an element not to be looked over, its a great place to put low-priority information and navigation.

With BUILDER you can edit and style the footer to really finish your website off.

Sub Pages

Shows a grid of sub-pages if the current page has children.

Great for quick custom multi-level archives without having to set up custom post types.

Breadcrumbs PRO

Aid navigation with an optional customisable breadrumbs bar on non-home pages.

We haven't reinvented the wheel, our breadcrumbs styling works with popular WordPress plugins to provide functionality.

Hero PRO

Wow your home page visitors with a hero. Choose to display a single column, double column or even set it as a page for Gutenberg editing.

A wide range of options are available to craft the perfect website door-mat hero in BUILDER.

Author Box PRO

Show the world who created the content with an optional author box at the end of pages and posts.



Cut out days of design time foy your or your client projects. Templates are how we keep BUILDER evolving and moving with trends.

Find a suitable template that you like, import, then edit to achieve your goal site. It couldn't be easier.

Widgets, Content & Styles

The importable templates from BUILDER can be imported using a few clicks.

Website content, widgets and Customizer styling all gets pulled in using the experimental Import tools from WordPress.

Auto Home, Blog & Menus

Our importer sets up the home and blog pages unlike a lot of demo data import tools that come with premium themes.

Dummy menus get imported and set up too for a complete website import.


Download, install, activate, start editing.