Understrap’s Premium Child Themes

Understrap’s Premium Child Themes

Understrap is proud to announce the re-release of our seven premium child themes for the Understrap theme framework. These child themes are battle-tested, incorporating some of our best practices from years of building custom child themes. They are designed to work immediately out of the box or as a developer-friendly starting point.

The Understrap parent theme and child starter theme will always be free and open source.

7 Beautiful Child Themes

The Understrap WordPress theme framework is built for developers – and our seven unique, beautiful child themes allow you to add a professional designer’s touch to your custom WordPress projects.

Each theme is targeted to a specific type of business, organization or goal – which means you have an easy, out-of-the-box starting point which you can expand upon with your custom development skills.

Every theme is fully refactored for Bootstrap 5, works with WordPress Block Patterns, is tested for Accessibility and is Gutenberg-ready.

Explore the Themes + Live Demos

Bootstrap 5 Across The Board

Following in the footsteps of the Understrap parent theme, we’ve updated these Understrap child themes to exclusively use Bootstrap 5 going forward. Take advantage of the most recent Bootstrap features, like the off-canvas style menu for sitewide navigation.

Block Patterns for Landing Pages

Editing your home page in the WordPress customizer or via widgets is so last decade. We’ve converted our custom design elements into Block Patterns that come bundled with each theme. This means we’re leveraging the core WordPress blocks and enhancing them with minimal CSS and Bootstrap utility classes. Mix and match these block patterns to build custom home and landing pages in minutes.

WP 5.9 Block Patterns with the Understrap Child Themes

Rebuilt with Accessibility in mind

Understrap is proud to be tagged ‘accessibility-ready’ in the WordPress.org Theme Repository. We’ve kept that commitment with these Understrap child themes. Where necessary, we override default Bootstrap colors and patterns to load accessible color combinations and ensure smooth keyboard navigation and screen reader experiences.

Google Core Web Vitals & PageSpeed Optimized

We’ve overhauled this theme with a focus on Core Web Vitals, the page speed initiative from Google. We’ve replaced the Font Awesome with Bootstrap Icons, using inline SVGs instead of an external font. And the total amount of custom CSS has been trimmed so that we can just focus on delivering a fast, Bootstrap-based site.

Developer-Friendly and Gutenberg-Ready

These themes are built for developers, perfect to use as the next starting template for your next theme project. All of the latest build tools are ready to go and included, including npm, SASS, PostCSS, and Rollup.js. We’ve scaffolded some basic CSS and defined some solid Bootstrap variables to jump start your custom development.

Breaking Backward Compatibility for Good

To be clear, these themes are a complete rebuild, from the ground up. If you’ve used Understrap (or Overstrap) Premium Child Themes in the past, these new themes will require you to make some updates in your WordPress sites, specifically around the home and landing pages. It’s not impossible to update your site from an older version of a specific child theme,  but think of it as installing a ‘new’ theme rather than simply updating. 

Our Guarantee

Our premium child themes are made by developers, for developers, which means we understand how hard it can be to navigate client preferneces and software choices as you’re picking a theme for your new project. That’s why we’ve made your Understrap Premium Child Theme purchase 100% risk-free with our 24-hour grace period. If you purchase the themes and have any issues or questions that prevent you from using them for your projects, just e-mail us within 24 hours and we’ll refund your purchase in full. That means you can take the themes for a spin, absolutely risk free.