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Page load speed has a direct correlation to higher conversion rates.

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Improved SEO

Search engines have used page load speed as a ranking factor for years.

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Lower your bounce rate and improve the average pages per session of your site.


What can the Trim WordPress plugin do for your website?

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Create and serve static versions of your WordPress website to your visitors. Reduce the number of database queries needed for your visitors journey. Reduce the load on the server your website is hosted on and save money.

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Shrink the size of the files your visitors need to download to view your website by removing comments and pointless white-space.

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Take advantage of compression algorithms to serve dynamic content in smaller files. Let the visitors browser take the brunt of the work and reduce your bandwidth requirements.

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Optimized Delivery

Remove unnecessary files from loading that are seldom used. Encourage visitors browsers to cache content to make it load lightning quick. Defer loading of JS and CSS until the page is loaded for improved user experiences.

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Database Optimization

Clear out old table rows that are no longer needed to speed up searches. Optimize tables to help make queries and dynamic data load quicker.

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Works great with your current CDN (our favourite is Cloudflare). The Trim plugin takes care of the on-site optimizations while your CDN provider takes care of the off-site.

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Case Study

Check out the improvements our plugin made to UnderStrap.com

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Using Cloudflare DNS & CDN with no on-site optimization plugins installed UnderStrap.com scored 75/100 for mobile visitors.

This isn't a bad score but isn't anywhere near the target green zone we want our website to be in to compete on the search engines.

Server response times and render blocking resources were holding up our TTFB (time to first byte - a major user experience factor) so they needed to be fixed ASAP.

Another easy win for the Trim plugin is going to be the minify'ing of CSS, which it can do for local stylesheets (such as those included in themes and plugins).



After Desktop Screenshot


After Mobile Screenshot

For a perfect score we could fix those small issues that remain by going through and removing unused CSS and making sure that displayed images aren't too big for the space they occupy.

With a little technical knowledge you (or a web designer) could go through and sort those issues out in an hour or so - on a small theme.

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