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Understrap 1.2 Release Notes

Understrap is proud to present the 1.2.0 release to the parent theme. This is the result of 10 months of open-source community development, including more than 400 commits, and wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of many long-time supporters of Understrap. What’s New? Bootstrap versions are updated for both Bootstrap 4 and 5. There’s also

Understrap 1.1 Release: Bootstrap 5 Support

The latest update to Understrap, the WordPress theme framework, has been released. The banner feature for Understrap 1.1 is support for Bootstrap 5, including a new “off-canvas” style mobile menu. You can find these new options in the Theme Layout Settings of the Customizer.  Understrap will still load Bootstrap 4 by default, so Bootstrap 5

🚀 Understrap 1.0 is here!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Understrap 1.0, our biggest release since taking over the project in May. The update does NOT include breaking changes, so you can safely update any site using the Understrap parent theme via the WordPress theme directory. For your new projects, Understrap 1.0 comes with a new build process and lots of

👕 Understrap 0.9.6 + New T-Shirts and Hoodies!

Hi Understrap’er, Today we rolled out Understrap 0.9.6 in the WordPress theme directory, our second big update since acquiring Understrap last month. This quick release enhances the way child themes can load and override core functionality. It also updates a few outdated dependencies in the build process. Special thanks to open-source contributor Lon K. for

Announcing Understrap 0.9.5

We are thrilled to announce that Understrap, the free WordPress theme framework that combines Bootstrap + Underscores, has officially been updated in the WordPress theme directory. Any websites running Understrap should see the update available in their site’s dashboard. As you know, last month my team and I acquired Understrap and will be hard at