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How to choose, install and customize the WordPress theme.

WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that enhance WordPress’ functionality. They improve WordPress’s features or introduce whole new ones to your site. WordPress themes provide you with a lot more flexibility over how your content is presented visually. A theme changes the appearance of a website without changing the underlying software. Plugins are, in a nutshell,

How to install WordPress for beginners?

Domain name First, you’ll need a domain name. This is the unique name that people will type into a browser to access your website. (e.g.  Hosting Account Then you’ll need a hosting account that stores the files for the website. When you set up and install WordPress, you are doing it on your server.

Version Control Best Practices

I wrote this quick guide on best practices for version control for our internal team and I’m sharing it here because it can easily apply to your own projects, whether you’re working solo or as part of a team. The guide focuses on how we manage and store our custom child themes specifically, but the general rules can be applied more broadly.

How to Find a WordPress Developer Job

You’ve learned many different skills and languages on your journey into tech, and now comes the hardest part of all — the job search. We’ve put together this quick guide on how to find your perfect WordPress developer job.

How To Translate Your WordPress Theme or Plugin

Translating your WordPress theme or plugin into different languages is a great way to increase its reach and adoption. However, it’s not as easy as simply dropping the text into a translation tool and publishing the results.

10 of the Most Important Bootstrap Variables

Save time by using some of Bootstrap’s most popular variables, rather than weighing your site down by adding extra CSS. Here are ten of the ones we use most often.

Is your site ready for the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Today we’re excited to share our new, free guide to Optimizing your Website for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s an absolutely free, 19-page PDF guide – about a 20-minute read. As you may have heard, recent court decisions have made the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a big deal for all businesses with websites. In short, most businesses

11 Powerful WordPress Forms Plugins

Lead generation tools are essential for capturing your audience’s interest and contact information. Searching for the right that best meets your need for your business can help it scale faster, make vital contacts, and discover new opportunities. We will discuss the world’s leading WordPress lead generation plugins to increase sales by turning visitors into customers.

WordPress Template Hierarchy

WordPress theme files are essentially the building blocks for the design of your website. They allow you to modify the look and feel of your website. WordPress uses a database to store content. When you create content, it is stored in a database and displayed using templates when visitors access the content. A WordPress theme

How Social Proof Can Help Increase Your Conversions

Many of the choices people make can be tied to social proof. Think about all the big stuff you’ve bought—things like your car, electronic appliances, and even clothing for special events. What is the first you did when you started shopping for them? Based on relevant stats, we will say that you looked for social