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How to improve Performance in WordPress

Page loading speed influences everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversions, user satisfaction, and, ultimately, profits. Also, a poorly functioning admin panel will affect your work and your time efficiency when managing the website, especially as your dashboard might become difficult to handle. That’s why I want to improve the performance of my website.

How to create & customize the menu for WordPress beginner

Your WordPress theme has its own default menu that is ready to be used. You can edit it or create a new one to improve your website. Here’s how to create a custom menu in WordPress (beginner’s guide). A navigation menu is a list of links pointing to important areas of a website. They are

How to customize login page and add some feature

The WordPress login page is just like any other page on your WordPress site: It is one of the most used pages in the WordPress admin. Though simple and clean, it is heavily branded WordPress. However, most new users and clients do not need to know about the underlying software your site runs on. How

How to create Custom Taxonomies

WordPress’ custom taxonomies make it possible to structure large amounts of content in a logical, well-organized way. In WordPress, categories are set up as a hierarchical taxonomy, and tags are set up as a multifaceted taxonomy. What is a WordPress Taxonomy? Taxonomy is a process of grouping content based on certain properties and criteria. That

How to create Custom Post types

Custom post types transform a WordPress site from a blogging platform into a powerful Content Management System. You can use custom post types to create a variety of different content types for your website. In this guide, I am going to explain how to easily create custom post types in WordPress. What is the Custom

How to create users and manage the role

User roles in WordPress define what actions, permissions, and capabilities each of your users will have. They help you to define what are the responsibilities and capabilities of each of your coworkers and employees. What Are WordPress User Roles? One user is someone who has login access to your website in WordPress. User’s role is

How to create and use a child theme in WordPress

To understand how child themes work it is first important to understand the relationship between parent and child themes. A parent theme is just a default theme used in WordPress Originally in WordPress, there was only one kind of theme, what would today be called a “parent theme.” This was a complete package of files

How to migrate WordPress site to other domain

Do you want to move your WordPress site to a new domain? You need to do some steps to migrate. Verify that your current site is working. When moving a WordPress site to a new domain start with the backup copy of your website. You can do it manually by exporting the database and downloading

How to create & customize page template in WordPress

Do you want to create a custom page template? WordPress allows you to create custom layouts for all of your pages. page templates in WordPress are a great way to add structural variations. What is a Page Template? A page template gives you the ability to change your page structure on your site and also

How to create & manage profile page for wordpress beginner

WordPress, despite being the most popular content and website management system lacks some basic features. Specifically for front-end developers. One such feature is to create and update a user profile that contains the info of a patron of the business. Especially for businesses containing a membership model, it is especially important to have a user